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Plymouth Coffee House & Roastery 

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Welcome to the newest gem in Plymouth's Mount Batten area - Outside with a coffee and bagel shipment container and now inside the main building is the Coffee House and Roastery. A site that promises to redefine your coffee experience. 

But that's not all - this development has something truly extraordinary in store. Nestled above the Roastery, an exquisite luxury three-bedroom, two-bathroom open-plan penthouse awaits, offering unparalleled views of the harbour. Picture yourself on your private balcony, savouring a cold refreshment, while the gentle sea breeze caresses your skin. You'll have the most exclusive, uninterrupted views in Plymouth, and be treated to the Atlantic's most epic sunsets - all from the comfort of your very own water-front penthouse.
101 Lawrence Rd, Plymouth PL9 9SJ

Opening Hours:

Bagels & Coffee
Monday - Thursday  9am - 4pm
Friday  - Sunday  8am - 5pm

Please note:
Pizza Nights are weather depending

The Roastery

At the back of the Coffee House is our very own Giesen Coffee Roaster that enables us to create our very own blend of coffee beans and produce exquisite new and unique coffee tastes. All of which you can try in store and enjoy while relaxing by the fire.
Image by Calvin Polen
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